BDO Reminds Clients to Ignore and Delete “Deactivation” Emails


BDO Unibank reminds clients that it will never send a warning message about account deactivation as banks do not deactivate accounts via email, text, or call. Moreover, they will never urge clients to click on links that lead to websites asking for personal information to verify their identity and prevent account deactivation.

BDO continues to advise its clients to do the following steps to outsmart scam messages:

  1. Check the email sender’s address. Scammers can change the sender name but not the email address. If the email sender’s address doesn’t end with, it’s a scam email.
  1. Double-check a link before clicking on it. Using a computer, clients can point their mouse cursor at the link to reveal the website address. Using a mobile device, clients can “long press” a link to see a preview of the web page it goes to. Remember, BDO will never send links to a web page asking for confidential information.
  1. Be wary of the message. Scammers alarm clients by informing them of an unauthorized transaction using their bank account. They will include details such as total amount as well as date and place of purchase. BDO assures clients that it will never send this kind of message via text message and email.

BDO encourages clients to report suspicious incidents to or get in touch with its representatives by logging in Messenger and looking for BDO Customer Care with the blue verified checkmark from Facebook. Clients may also call its hotline at 8631-8000 or email BDO at

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