Protect Your Fur Family with Cebuana Lhuillier’s Pet Insurance


The word family is no longer limited to human families, but it is also extended to our pets. They are part of the family as much as everyone in ours does. When they get sick, we feel sad and worried.

Now, just like the members of our family, we can now get pet insurance for our fur family members. Our pet dogs can be insured to help ensure that they are taken care of in case they get sick. Cebuanna Lhuillier, one of the Philippines’ leading and largest micro-financial service providers and a champion in financial inclusivity and mobility, has launched an insurance product for our pet dogs – Cebuanna Lhuillier PET Care.

Cebuanna Lhuillier PET Care coverage and benefits are as follows:

  • Medical reimbursement
  • Owner’s liability
  • Burial assistance due to euthanasia
  • Personal accident for the pet owner

Requirements of Application:

  • Dogs aged six (6) months to eight (8) years old are eligible for application.
  • Requirement for Pedigreed Dogs: Vaccinated dogs (schedule of vaccinations must be based on the prescribed schedule of the Philippine Animal Hospital Association (PAHA). Dogs with a yearly physical examination to prevent illness/injury.
  • Requirement Non-Pedigree Dogs: Non-Pedigree Dogs are subject to submission of additional requirements: Medical history of the dog (sickness/illnesses, medications being taken). Details on the maintenance/care practices of the dog owner (grooming/hygiene, diet, activities, supplements/medication).

How to Enroll and Purchase:

  1. Go to Cebuana Lhuillier Insurance Shopee page and choose the plan you want to avail.
  2. Go to and fill out the application form for evaluation & approval, before you checkout.
  3. Tap “Buy Now” once your application is approved,
  4. Check out and place the order. Note: It is important to read and understand The Enrolment and Purchasing Process as well as the Terms and Conditions before availing the product.
  5. An electronic copy of the Confirmation of Cover (eCOC) will be sent via the email you provided.
  6. Make sure to keep a copy of the email confirmation/eCOC as proof in filing a claim.

In case you already need to file a claim, simply email

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